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Gucci Authenticity Check : 9 Ways to Spot a Real Gucci Handbag Vs. a Fake (With Photos)
Gucci Authenticity Check : 9 Ways to Spot a Real Gucci Handbag Vs. a Fake (With Photos)

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The easiest method to tell if the Gucci is authentic is to conduct a serial number check. Every authentic Gucci women bag has a 10 to 13 letter serial number that can be used to verify its identity. Usually, there are two rows where the top row indicates the model number while the bottom row is the serial number. louis vuitton wedding rings

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Jun 07, 2016 · BUT LIKE MOST OF THE GUCCI ITEMS, THERE ARE WAYS WE CAN AUTHENTICATE THEM. You can refer to the images below as a guide how to check authenticity of gucci purse to see how fake Gucci Soho Disco compares with the original model. 1. Check the exterior – front . 2. Check serial code tab – front 3. Check serial code tab – back 4. Check the interior tab . 5. Check the interior tab (2) 6.

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Nov 09, 2020 · Super cute pre-owned Gucci handbag 100% authentic, no dust bag or box Received lots of compliments on this piece Minor flaws please see pictures! Overall in great condition! Free shipping is included! Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

How to check the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton Bag One thing that makes a Louis Vuitton bag instantly recognizable is the classic patterns employed by the brand. how to check authenticity of gucci purse The coated canvas is virtually indestructible and has been in production since the 1800s.

Inspect the handbag's craftsmanship. Balenciaga is a high-end fashion brand and will never feature shoddy or sloppy craftsmanship. If the stitching is loose, crooked or uneven, you are most likely looking at a fake Balenciaga rather than an authentic.

Nov 23, 2018 · 1. The box and Dust bag. The fake belt sometimes is whiter than the authentic and the discoloration of Gucci letters makes the difference once again in the box. Same thins is can be said also for the dust bag. As I mentioned above, some elements change in time but the latest authentic Gucci dust bag can be seen at the picture below.

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With their massive popularity, Louis Vuitton bags have strong resale markets, which makes authenticity a huge topic. Over the years, we’ve received thousands of questions about authentication from our customers, so we designed this guide to answer the ones we hear the most. Louis Vuitton bags have a number of key authenticity indicators that include date codes, materials, and craftsmanship ...


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Purchasing a handbag in a foreign currency typically leads to a currency conversion charge of 2-3% by your bank/credit card provider. As such, make sure to use a no foreign exchange fee credit card (if possible) to avoid this charge. 

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VAT (Value-added Tax)/GST (Goods and Services Tax) are particularly high in Europe, ranging between 15-25%. If you are a visitor to the EU, you are likely to be able to claim back the VAT which would be a huge saving! Similar refund options are provided in many other countries around the world.  Inquire with the retail store directly on the process. Most will use the services of Global Blue or a similar tax refund company.

USA / Canada sales taxes

Be aware of retail prices in the USA and Canada. In these countries, sales tax is added to the advertised handbag price (varies by province/state/region e.g., 8.875% in New York City). This in contrast to most other countries where taxes are already included in advertised retail prices.

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