How Can You Clean A Louis Vuitton Bag Inside

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The handle on a Louis Vuitton purse will look creamy beige when bought new. The handles will turn to a honey brown over time. The darkening of the handles occurs naturally; however, you how can you clean a louis vuitton bag inside can speed the process by leaving the purse in a sun-filled room or near a window for an hour, once a week.

If you can actually check the bag out in person, look inside for a tag attached to a seam. You can find a lot of information about the bag with those coeds, like when and where it was made. Forgeries can have a matching code, though, so don’t let that be the deciding factor when you are trying to identify a genuine Louis Vuitton bag.

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Amazing!! Will definitely buy other colors. It’s sturdy, easy to keep clean, and the tote is big enough to keep the smaller bag and the envelop clutch inside. I keep my daughters diapers and wipes in the small bag inside the bigger one, and in the envelope clutch I keep personal how can you clean a louis vuitton bag inside feminine items.

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Morgan paid little for this Louis Vuitton travel duffle bag because the 3-dial lock had the bag locked shut. Morgan started at 999 and worked his way down. Several hours later the lock popped open.

How to Repair a Damaged Louis Vuitton Bag

Jun 22, 2016 · Louis Vuitton will send you a confirmation email when your bag is done being serviced. When you take your bag to the store for repair, you do not need a receipt. Of course it goes without saying the bag needs to be an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. A client services member will attend to you and the repairs you are seeking.

Feb 12, 2019 · LV bags do not have serial numbers, instead, Louis Vuitton handbags have "date codes" stamped on interior tags or directly on interior linings or in a hidden location on the exterior of the bag. These date codes serve to identify the manufacturing location and date for a Louis Vuitton handbag, not to verify its authenticity.

Apr 24, 2020 · Authentic Louis Vuitton bags should say Louis Vuitton and indicate the country of origin. Since the country can vary, ensure that the factory ID in the date code aligns with the country of origin noted on bag. 5. "Smell it! One major giveaway of a fake bag is a strong chemical odor."


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Purchasing a handbag in a foreign currency typically leads to a currency conversion charge of 2-3% by your bank/credit card provider. As such, make sure to use a no foreign exchange fee credit card (if possible) to avoid this charge. 

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VAT (Value-added Tax)/GST (Goods and Services Tax) are particularly high in Europe, ranging between 15-25%. If you are a visitor to the EU, you are likely to be able to claim back the VAT which would be a huge saving! Similar refund options are provided in many other countries around the world.  Inquire with the retail store directly on the process. Most will use the services of Global Blue or a similar tax refund company.

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Be aware of retail prices in the USA and Canada. In these countries, sales tax is added to the advertised handbag price (varies by province/state/region e.g., 8.875% in New York City). This in contrast to most other countries where taxes are already included in advertised retail prices.

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